Episode 2 Premiered Feb. 25th, 2007

"American Dragster" follows Brut funny car driver Ron Capps, Jagermeister pro stock driver Max Naylor and Revive pro stock driver Erica Enders as they deal with technical issues at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

From the clutch to the tires to the seat belt, no one is safe from mechanical problems that arise on the track. Crews and drivers race to discover what glitch is keeping them from qualifying.

Tony Schumacher and the US Army Top Fuel Dragster Team had a few stumbles in the mid-season which caused their early points lead to slip behind. They must pull out all the stops in Vegas to get back into contention. Will the car hold up under Alan Johnson’s powerful tune-ups?
Ron Capps, is still aiming for the championship and this weekend proves emotional for the family, but the crew keeps their head down in order to figure out a string of odd problems with the car. Ron’s got tough competition to win the championship. And his nemesis, John Force is playing dirty. Can he ignore being held up on the line, and will his car problems continue?
The Prostock teams continue to fight their way to qualify for the 16-car field. Erica debuts a new sponsor and continues to make appearances with others as her team try to get the new setup right with new engines and performance gremlins, that keep them hoping for more.
Under the cool shade of the Jagermeister Pro-stock tent, the team calmly and methodically work through their data to find the right combination on their car. Will they make it into the field?
The combination of heat, mechanical issues and pressure to qualify and of course, win the Vegas event, has all the teams gambling for the long-shot, in the next Episode of American Dragster, don’t miss it!
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