Episode 1 Premiered Feb. 11th, 2007

In the "American Dragster" Season 1 premiere, catch up with Brut Funny Car Driver Ron Capps and Army Top Fuel Dragster Driver Tony Schumacher as they fight their way through the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis in a whole new race for the championship.

Also, meet Pro Stock Drivers Erica Enders and Max Naylor as they try to balance the challenges on and off the track.

As Brut unveils its new Revolution funny car, discover the importance of sponsors in this expensive sport.

Indy this year marks an emotional time. Ten years from his brother Blaine’s death, Alan Johnson puts his focus on memorializing his brother by pulling out all the stops for the US Army Top Fuel team. Can he do it and start the return to the top of the points in the end of the 2007 Season?
Big Ed is gone from the Brut team because of a dispute with a teammate earlier in the season. We catch up with him and hear what it’s like being on a different team.
Brut Funny Car Driver Ron Capps has his hands full of appearances this weekend, chasing the points, chasing John Force and chasing the Brut Girls? There’s something about to be uncovered that’ll have you seeing all new colors!
Erica Enders, Female Pro Stock racing powerhouse is working her way through team changes, sponsor changes, and ownership changes, all while just trying to qualify her new car for the “Big Go”.
Meet Max Naylor, corporate man turned rock n’ rolling, racing party man! The Jagermeister sponsored team is out to become a serious threat to the established Pro Stock teams out there, but first they must shake down the car and team.
And what’s happened to the Champ? Tony Schumacher started out with a good season early, then slipped a bit when a tire change seemed to set the team back, however Tony and the team never lost their stride, and the track and conditions are finally catching up with their very fast tune-up. Will he take home the Wally to give to the Johnson family in memory of Blaine?
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