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American Dragster, The Complete Second Season DVD

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Get all 10 Episodes of the Popular Drag Racing TV series in this exclusive 3-disc set!

Go behind the scenes with the quickest motorsport! Witness first hand what it takes to compete in the top classes of NHRA POWERade Drag Racing! American Dragster’s exclusive access to the drag racing stars gives you a perspective on this sport never before seen! Hear first hand from the drivers, their crew and family as they give it everything they’ve got to win the Wally! Morn the loss of a fellow driver from inside the drag racing community. Experience the exhilaration of the BIG WIN and feel the crushing agony of defeat!

Check out Exclusive Deleted Scenes, and Behind the scenes production photos.

Follow our four featured teams through ten weeks of grueling race competition, mechanical challenges, sponsorship woes and weather catastrophes. You’ll also get a rare glimpse of the lighter side of racing, when the teams have off-time, or just need to let off some stress.

  • Tony Schumacher and the US Army Top Fuel Dragster Team
  • Ron Capps and The BRUT Revolution Fuel Funny Car Team
  • Max Naylor and the Jagermeister Pro Stock Team
  • Erica Enders and the Race Girl/Revive Pro Stock team

Retail Release Price: $34.95
3 Disc, DVD NTSC, 2008

Network ESPN2
Released By American Dragster, LLC


Season 1 DVD

Imagine�controlling a vehicle that is more live animal than inanimate object. �Twisting and roaring flames, it shreds tortured tires into plumes of smoke... and that's just the burnout. �The starting lights go green, and with lightning-fast reflexes, the drivers slam the throttle wide open. �After four seconds the cars are rocketing past 300 MPH! �The NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series is the fastest automotive racing in the world!

American Dragster has gained unprecedented access to the top level of professional drag racing. �Experience�first-hand the drama and interaction among the drivers, crew�chiefs, and mechanics as they use state-of-the-art technology and gut instinct to prepare for the quarter mile track. �Accelerating at ground breaking speeds, these daring men and women risk it all!

American Dragster, the Complete First Season�contains�all Six of the original episodes aired on ESPN that started it all!

Follow Three-time NHRA POWERade Series Top Fuel World Champion, Tony Schumacher, Fifteen-time NHRA National Event Winner, Ron Capps, and Five-time NHRA event winner, Jerry Toliver as they face tremendous odds and incredibly talented competition. �You'll see what brings them together and what rips them apart. �You'll see�what it�takes to overcome devastating losses, and what it takes to become a champion! �Go�behind�the scenes and see what happens next, on and off the track, with American Dragster!


Retail Release Price: $19.99
1 Disc, DVD NTSC, 2006"

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